New pensioner’s checklist

1. Get a tax card for pension

You will need a separate tax card for pension. Request a tax card for pension income from the Tax Administration as soon as you have received your pension decision.

2. Pension payment dates

Your pension will be paid into the bank account notified by you. Pension payment dates depend on whether you have retired from employment with local government, the State, the Evangelical Lutheran Church or Kela. The precise payment dates are announced annually.

3. Changes in address or bank account

The online service My Pension (available in Finnish and in Swedish) is an easy way of changing the bank account into which your pension is paid.

4. Earnings-related pension card

The earnings-related pension card entitles to you to pensioner discounts and may be issued to you when you have retired permanently.

5. Working while on pension

You can still work while drawing a pension. New pension accrues to you for employment while on pension up to the age of 68.

6. Previous year’s details in the annual letter

At the turn of the year we will send you an annual letter containing such information as the amount of pension paid to you in the previous year and the upcoming pension payment dates.

7. Income limit letters

If you are on disability pension or part-time pension, we will send you an income limit letter each year to inform you how much you may earn while on pension.

8. Are you living abroad?

Your pension can be paid into a bank account in Finland or abroad. If you are living abroad, you must report your address to Keva once a year.