Keva’s key responsibility is to secure the uninterrupted livelihood of its employee customers and pension funding.

Four responsibility areas

Keva plans and does responsibility work in four thematic areas: 

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Responsibility for customers

Responsibility for investments

Responsibility for the personnel

Our way of working



Responsibility work management, organisation and working on the Responsibility Programme are part of the implementation of Keva’s new strategy.

Materiality summed up from basic core duties

Keva started work on defining its responsibility in 2016.

  • securing the earnings-related pensions of public sector employees after paid employment
  • investing pension assets so that they can be used to partly fund pensions paid years and decades in the future

The reviewed continued in 2017 with among other things an internal materiality analysis and in autumn 2018 Keva engaged in dialogue with external stakeholders through social media on the most relevant responsibility focuses.

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Responsibility Programme highlights everyday work

At Keva, promoting responsibility is part of the goal-setting and operations in processes, units and functions. Units and processes plan and budget how they will reach their own goals.

Keva’s strategy mission is “Responsible pension provision and support for working life” and the content and relevance of the mission will become clear with the Responsibility Programme. Goals have been defined for each of the thematic areas for 2020-2022.

Keva’s Board of Directors and Management Group tracks implementation of the Responsibility Programme as part of the strategy scorecard which is used to also monitor other strategic goals.

Reporting brings visibility

Keva openly tells about its goals and operations both within Keva and to external stakeholders.

The report broadly complies with the indicators in accordance with Global Initiative Reporting (GRI) guidelines.