Guardianship and proxies of pension recipients

Guardianship. A guardian may be appointed to a pension recipient when they are incapable of managing their pension affairs due to illness or another reason.

A copy of the appointment decision must be supplied to Keva before the guardian can start to manage the pension recipient’s affairs.

Only an authorised person or person appointed as guardian can 

  • change the pension recipient’s bank account details
  • obtain information concerning the pension.

This information is not disclosed to other parties, not even to family members.

Managing the pension affairs of a minor

The right of action of a pension recipient who is a minor, i.e. under the age of 18, is exercised by the pension recipient’s guardian.

A minor cannot notify a new bank account for the payment of pension, for example. Such a notification must be approved and signed by the minor’s legal custodian.


A pension recipient may authorise another person to attend to his or her pension affairs by proxy.

In such an event, the pension recipient must sign a detailed power of attorney specifying the extent of the proxy’s powers, i.e. the pension affairs which the proxy may manage on behalf of the pension recipient.

Contact details

Guardians and proxies can contact Keva

  • by calling our advisory service, tel. +358 20 614 2837
  • by email:
  • by mail: Keva, 00087 KEVA