Effects of diminished work ability on income and livelihood

The longer you continue working, the better your old-age pension will be.

Early retirement will permanently reduce the amount of your pension. When it comes to income and old-age pension, even partial employment is a better alternative than going on disability pension.

You can prepare estimates on the amount of your pension in the online service My Pension (available in Finnish and Swedish).

Staying on at work involves many positives besides higher income and better pension. It is therefore important to seek out solutions to work ability issues well before the only remaining choice is to apply for disability pension.

Vocational rehabilitation is well worth considering: work try-outs along with re-training or supplemental training can often provide a way of remaining in the workforce instead of leaving the world of work prematurely. Your income will also remain fairly good for the duration of vocational rehabilitation.

Part-time disability pension and partial rehabilitation allowance may support you staying at work when you remain able to work part-time.

If your ability to work has diminished and you don’t know what to do, be sure to see what’s under How to go forward.